Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

Imagine every day after school or work, you went to an alley way and crawled into a sleeping bag. Some people have to do that, they don’t have a home, what even is home? I’m going to talk about that in three core ideas, how family makes home, home, how pets liven up the place and how it’s not just a place.

The first core idea I’ll discuss is how home is how home is usually with your family and why that is. Family, isn’t it great, your family is probably who you’re closest with, who would you say you’re closest with, a friend or your mom? Another reason is that any random place could be a house, but your family makes it a home.

To me part of home is my great pets, pets are great. You could have anything from a lazy cat to an energetic bird. In my opinion pets im-purr-ove our lives every day, long day? Sit down and relax with a pet. Did you know that parrots are great intelligent pets? There’s a plethora of similar examples.

Home, it’s a lot of things. Most people would go, “isn’t it just a place”, but in my opinion it’s so much more. Do you think you could just walk into a random house and think, “this is

home”? I think home isn’t just a place, it’s, for lack of a better word, home.

That was my opinion on what home is. I’ve covered how family makes a house a home, how pets make our lives greater and how it’s not just a place. I hope you enjoyed reading it and have a nice day.