Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

When I think about home, I think that home means being with family and friends, being comfortable and being welcome.my mom made a sign it says a house is built with boards and beams and a home is built with love and dreams, and I agree with it.so here’s what I have to say about home. Friends and family: I think that being with family or friends makes people happy and you can talk to family honestly. Family and friends give a lot of support,and that’s why I think family and friends are important to have a nice home.

Being comfortable / being fed: I think that when you’re comfortable you feel more at home and being fed puts most people in a good mood. Being comfortable makes people more joyful, or at least that’s what I think.

Being welcome/ allowed to stay: If you welcome you relax and feel more at home and If you can stay, you usually get happy. You can be stress free.

Conclusion: So, you’ve read about how I feel about being with family, being comfortable and also being welcome so after this I hope you might feel a little different about home.