Grade 5

Nova Scotia

What home means to me

What Is Home?
By:Sinead Beanlands
Grade 5

What is home? Well, home is “where the heart is,”but it’s so much more,Home is your family, your friends, and where you’re from, home is not necessarily were you live, (like the type of home, with your bedroom) but a different type of home, A certain type, your community.
People who are homeless, actually do have a home, but not one with a roof. Their home is where they are from. Like i’m from Halifax and i’m proud to be from here, so if I were to go away to A different country for sports, yes I would be homesick, but maybe not just for the home I live in, but for the home that i’m from, which in my case is Halifax. If someone was to say “ Im feeling homesick” I don’t think they actually mean they miss their bedroom, I think they mean there missing there city/country
Home is family.
Home is love.
Home is community.
Home is true.
Home is you.