Grade 6

Nova Scotia

What Home Means To Me

When I think of home I think of not being alone,
I have my family that loves me and my cats who like to roam.
By writing this poem i’m giving $10 to this charity,
It doesn’t sound like much but it’s going to help one of these families.
When i’m in my home I feel safe and protected,
I can wake up the next morning feeling calm and well rested.

My home has electricity, plumbing and internet,
While others without homes are outside getting cold and wet.
Everyone should have a home or a place to call their own,
Some people sleep outside scared and alone.
I love my home because I feel loved inside it,
I honestly can’t imagine a world without it.

To some people home might not be a building,
It could be a place, object or feeling.
Home should feel like a wonderful place,
A place where you feel accepted no matter the race.
Home should be a place where you’re welcomed with open arms,
And I hope this poem helped someone near or afar.