Grade 6

Nova Scotia

What Home Means To Me

A home is a space of peace, a pocket of protection. A home is a place where you can feel welcomed, where you can do what you want. The possibilities are endless.

Homes are simple, but amazing things: Walls, floors and a roof; there’s nothing that it doesn’t have when you need it most. A home is a place of nostalgia, a place of wonder. A home is a place where you can live your dreams.

Everybody deserves a home, whether it’s in the thick blue ridges of a mountain, or the beautiful greens of the grass. Your home is a place for everybody, no matter what anybody thinks.

Homes can be a prestigious thing, though, something some families can’t afford. Some people may get abysmal pay for their hard work, and live paycheck to paycheck. Poverty is a serious thing that has to be dealt with, as a community, as a country.

All homes are equal, big or small, any culture or habitat. A home is one of the most important things in one’s life. A home shares it’s life with the people within, however you treat it, it treats you the same back.

Anybody that has a house, has a place where they store their belongings or a place where they sleep after a day’s work; But, a home is different. A home is a place where you have the freedom to do whatever you want. Your home emanates with you, keeps you company during a storm or a rough week.

Thank you, Habitat Humanity. Thank you for helping those in need, and helping those across the country. Thank you for changing the lives of people that need it. Your efforts are a strut more for the happiness of everyone.