Grade 6

Nova Scotia

What Home Means To Me

Home is everything.
Home is your beginning.
Home to me, is where I feel safe,
and feel cozy, and I know that when
I’m home I can be myself,
with no judgement whatsoever.
Everyday when I get home from school,
the minute I walk in the door
I feel a rush of an indescribable feeling
because I know that when I’m home I’m valued, I’m relaxed and I’m loved no matter what
Home is where I have some of my greatest memories,
and where me and my family bond and have good times.
I also feel very safe when I’m home,
I feel protected and not alone.
Home to me is my bed, my food, and my life.
At my home I can play road hockey and play volleyball in my yard.
I can watch movies with my whole family,
and argue about pointless things with my brothers,
but that is still part of my home.
My home is where I wake up to the birds singing every single morning
and where I see deer running across my lawn.
My house is everything to me and I couldn’t imagine life without it
and I know that when you get a home you won’t be able to either.