Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

I don’t think anybody will ever understand what home means to me. Hi, I’m Shania and I’m going to tell you what home means to me. It has always made me sad and feel very bad because sometimes homeless people cannot even afford warm clothing for the winter and fall, and since homeless people obviously don’t have a home, they are forced to sleep in tight and uncomfortable spaces while the rest of us take advantage of our homes. When it is raining outside, and you come inside to find out your mother had just baked you a batch of chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. Has that ever happened to you? because I want something like that to happen to every single homeless child and thanks to habitat for humanity, all of these children’s parents are now able to do that to their children and it melts my heart to hear that you guys take the time to build houses for poor families but the thing is that if the children’s parents were poor than, then I bet their childhoods were definitely not much better and my home probably means just as much as homes mean to the people you built houses for. I completely disagree with myself because even if I was banned and kicked out of my house I would refuse say no and tell them their banned and kicked out of my house because my house is far too important just to let go of like that and even if my house was on fire I would do everything I could do to get rid of the fire. Also, I think home means everything to me.