Grade 6


What home means to me

Home is a place that I live in and my family does too.
I love my home.
My home is warm and I feel most comfortable and safe.
I am so happy that I can call my house home and some people don’t

have a home.
My family is so grateful to afford a home and be able to live in a home.

Home is a place where a family is complete.

Home is when I take a seat and then my family is complete. home is my favorite place where I have my very own space.

When I think of home I think of not being alone.

Charities and foundations making a change
By telling
people write words on a page to raise money so people can have homes to live in.

When you write a poem or essay you are raising $10.00 so people can build a home where they feel safe and warm.

The habitat for humanity is a fundraising team that people write essays and poems and everytime you submit a

writing peace you will put $10.00 towards people that don’t have a home and the money goes to building houses for people.

When I think of a house I think of an empty house but when you put your own stuff in the house it becomes a home.