Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

A house has four walls and a roof. Homes are a place where you can be safe and loved. See the difference. You can be yourself and enjoy everyone’s company. This is what happens in my home…
A long time ago I was only three years old, and we got a dog named Chuck. My favorite memory is when I would slowly read little kid books to him and put girly headbands on his head. When we got him he was one and now he is nine. We’ve been through a lot and I love him!!!
AHHHHH!!!! He’s coming. I run down the hall trying to hide, I go in the bathroom lock the door and stand by the door. Waiting and dreading when Josh finds a way in. I hear him walk away saying, “Tiny where are you?” I bolt out of the bathroom. Where is he I think to myself, I quickly turn around and see him with a crystal clear water bottle! He starts spraying me. I am drenched. He started a war but I’ll get him back for it. We fight a lot and I don’t like to admit this but I love him and couldn’t ask for a better brother.
My cat is absolutely purrfect and cute. He is a main coon tabby with big eyes like the ones on stuffies. And a tail shaped like a question mark. His fur is feels like a cloud. When I wake up I start to brush my hair and he starts clawing my leg so I brush him. I love my cat.
No matter how much my brother and how much I cuddle with my pets. I adore my house. Remember home is where the heart is.