Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

What Home is to me…
To me, home is a place like no other.
Home is my safe place,
The place my family is,
The place where my family’s
Homemade food is made,
Home is the place I can
Be myself, and it’s the place
Where I have the most fun.

But home isn’t a home
unless you make it a home.
A home needs to be filled
With love, care, hope, respect
And all the other good emotions.
What’s the point of a home if you
Feel like a burden or if you feel lost
The home just turns into a house
Where nobody will want to live in.

A home is a place where you can be yourself.
It’s a place where you can laugh, cry
And feel all the other emotions.
Home is a place where you don’t
Have to compare yourself
with others in the outside world.
Home is a place where
You’ll be understood.
The place to make unforgettable
memories with your family and friends.

To end this poem I
Just wanted to say that
Everyone needs a home.
Everyone deserves to be
Happy in a safe home,
Because if you don’t
Have a home you’ll
Feel sad, lost and hopeless,
And nobody deserves to be
Living outside without a home.