Grade 6

St. Albert

What Home Means To Me

Home is my place to stay. It’s where I love to eat and play
My home is warm and cosy
Home is my family and we love it’s here the love is and that’s where it will live
My family is the best and that will never change
My brothers and I will play all day and when we are done we go away
Home is where my pet lives
If I didn’t have a home my pets would be alone without a home but in my home the pets can stay cosy and warm
My mom and dad are very charming
They cook and clean all day
I help them watch my little brother so they can relax and have a nice day
Down in my home we have 2 extra rooms so we rent them out so they don’t need a hotel to sleep and eat
They are so nice in every way and now that’s where they stay
I hope this will lighten your day and have a home everyday

By Caleb Cassidy