Grade 6


What “home” means to me

In general there are 2 main meanings of the word home.A the most commonly used term for home is a house or a building where you eat,sleep and play in.The other not as used term of the word home is a place where you feel like yourself,calm and safe.Usually a home is also a place where you like to spend your time .Every person has its own home.Every community has many people who call something their home.A home is where someone feels like they are them.

A home can be anything you want your home to be.My home to me is my bedroom as it is quiet the place where I feel calm and myself.My home is safe unlike many others whose home might not be very safe.In my home I also have many books,toys etc that remind me of my old house.Where I lived and considered my first home.These objects also remind me of my favorite home I ever had that i might never see again.