Grade 4

New Brunswick

What Home Means to Me

Home is where I do hobbies, like playing video games, hanging out with my family, or any of the sort. Home is where I mess around and do what I am supposed to. I swing, I move, I listen. I release my energy outside in the yard. While inside in my bedroom or the basement, I gain it back. I rest in the blankets at the top of the bunk bed. I’m always filled with energy when I’m fully awake.

Home is where I’m bonkers and wonky. I’ve always got something ridiculous up my sleeve. I almost always listen to my parents and whenever I break a rule, I admit it clearly. I am and will be as wild as possible at home. I’m almost never not at my limits.

Home is where I live my life. My caretakers don’t hate me a bit. I am always loved by the people in my family. Sometimes I question it but I always love it. Home is fun. Home is joy. Home is my habitat. Home is amazing. Home is awesome. Home is my family’s place to stay.