Grade 4

New Brunswick

What Home Means to Me

To me, is where I sleep, eat, and play.

At home, I like to sleep in my bed when my mom tucks me in and my dad reads a book to me.

At home, I like to eat pasta. It smells and tastes so good. It reminds me of my dad’s chicken that he makes right in the backyard of my house.

In my backyard, I like to play tag with my friend Jill .

When I think of home, I also think of swimming because I have a pool in my backyard. The pool is really warm (too warm). My best friends, Amanda and Iris, came over last summer to go swimming in my pool but the pool was so much colder than it usually is.

At home, I can dance to and play music (I have a guitar and a big piano; my dad has 5 guitars).

To make home better, I can make sure my toys are all organized and not all over the house. I can also clean up any messes I make and help out whenever I can.

I love my home!