Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home means everything to me. To hear my family laughing with me, it fills my heart with complete glee. Coming home from anywhere else, makes me most excited of all. At home, I can be me without asking myself twice. Most feel the safest at home. Home is where I get my sleep, so the next day I feel refreshed. As for all those who don’t have a home it’s hard to know what home means or feels like. Some homes are big some are small to me home is the same big or small. Home is where our heart stays either far away or close by. The smile on my moms face when I make my way through the front door, always makes me feel welcome at home. Me and my brother playing outside is always fun the best time. Every moment is special to me whether it’s with friends or family. My home may not be the biggest place, but it is most certainly my favorite place. Home is where family gathers up to celebrate or have some fun. I cup of mom, 1 cup of dad, a spoon of me, a spoon of brother, 1 ounce of grandma and 1 ounce of grandpa equals my loving family. Around the world with no home at all, I’m sure this fundraiser will make it start. The comfortable smell of home makes me want to sleep. At my home, it’s safe to say I am always welcome to stay. Thanks to this fundraiser, many families will now have a roof to stay under.