Grade 5

Sturgeon County

What Home means to me

Home to me is like a fire in my heart. My bed wouldn’t be soft and cozy if my family wasn’t with me.

Home wouldn’t be home if there was no structure to it. If there were no doors, I wouldn’t feel safe. Sitting on the couch, snuggling with Mom, wouldn’t feel cozy if she wasn’t sitting there with me.

Every morning my family waits to eat if I am not there. It feels nice knowing they care about me and wait. If they didn’t wait I wouldn’t feel loved.

Home is really comforting and safe. The couch, kitchen table, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, anywhere in my house wouldn’t feel homey if my family wasn’t with me. My dog Elsa cuddles me when I’m sad. My kitty Rey sits on my lap and purrs and makes me feel calm.

My phone is there in case an emergency happened; I would be able to call 911.

My mom always tells me “Home is where the heart is.” And do you know what? That’s really where the heart actually is.

I feel bad for all homeless people who can’t snuggle with their mom on the couch, watch a movie with their dad, hang out with your brother and/or sister. But those homeless people don’t need to worry, Habitat For Humanity is here to help.

I always try to help homeless people out. One time when we were driving home, I had leftover A&W poutine. When we got to an intersection, I saw a homeless person. So I got out of the car and gave the poutine to the homeless man. “Thank you!!!” the man said.” “You’re very welcome.“ I said to the man. As we drove home, I felt very heroic.