Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

I think of home a place I own, that’s what home means to me, filling laughter in everybody.
I think of my family, who are always there for me. They happily smile with grace in their face.
I think of the poor, running door to door, desperately asking for shelter.
I think of the music, that gives me the jig,
I think of the hugs and the warm,loving kisses! I think of my clothes, and the pretty, joyful rose,
that blooms in my garden, even as the wind blows. I think of the turkey, as my brother looks soo smirky.
I think of my red bed, so comfy and fantastic, and a nice place to be sarcastic.
I think proudly of my brother,
just like my mother, with a heart like no others.
I think of the shower bubbles, so hot and refreshing, washes problems away, so your day isn’t so depressing!
I think of the TV, turning on Netflix to watch a movie, and Go Noodles to make me dance, as well as prance.
I think of my piano, learning something new everyday. I think of my video games, which I LOVE to play!!
I think of the portraits that hang on the wall, giving memories from the past days for all.
I think of the pillows so feathery-sweet, helping me sleep without me waking up with a muffled “eek!!”
Open my eyes, getting blinded by the light,and just like a fool, I take one more peep.
I think of my diary, keeping secrets locked up away. I think of my
reading every single day. I think of my pet dog. slobbering away. I think of my cups of water,
to stay as my parent’s obedient hydrated daughter.
I think of home a place to roam
and think about
my own hidden private thoughts. When I think of home,
I think of the delicious candy,
that it tastes so dandy.I think of cardboard
to make arts and crafts.
Sparkling blue glitter right off the rack!!!
I think of home a good
place to moan, if your sad, or mostly mad.
When I am not home,
I miss my little garden gnome. I think of my jolly grandpa,
full of talent and spa…
I think we all could agree,home is really something we need.