Grade 5

Elkford BC
British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

My home is a place where I can have a roof over my head and have a helpful family.
My home is special to me because you can have a happy life with your family.
Family is the heart of the home.
Home is a place you have your own room where I think it is a little island of my own.
Home is a place where you should feel safe.
Home is a safe place where you can laugh with out someone getting mad at you.
You can have family game night.
It is a place where I feel safe to say anything.
When it is the holidays you spend time with friends and family.
Home is a place where you can make tasty treats with your family and friends.
Home is a place where you have a bed where you can close your eyes and have very good dreams.
When you go into your warm bed you feel safe, comfy, and loved.