Grade 5

Bell Island
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means to Me…

Home to me is a place to go when I want to get warm or if I want shelter .Whenever I’m with my friends and I get cold I know I can always go home to get a
warm up.

Home to me is a safe place to go.When I’m home I don’t feel endangered.My house and my pop’s house is the safest place. I feel I can go.I feel safe there because my pop is always there with me.I feel safe at my own house because someone is always home. I’m never alone.

Home to me is a place to do things.When I’m home I’m allowed to play when I want,I’m allowed to play on my phone when I want.So I’m lucky because some kids aren’t allowed to do those things when they want.

Home to me is a place I get cared for.Everyone in my house loves me and takes care of me.I know my family loves me because they do everything for me.I know if I ask my dad to buy me something he will buy it because he loves me.If I get sick whoever is with me will take very good care of me.

Home to me is a place I make memories.In my house I have some awesome memories and in my house I have not so awesome memories.But even though I don’t always have the best time in my house I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have such an amazing house.