Grade 6

Elkford BC
British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

I love my home because it is a place to stay when I am feeling down.
It is a place to feel sheltered and hidden.
It is a place to feel safe.
It is a place to sit down and rest.
It is a place where my dogs can lay down on a sofa with rain droplets dripping outside and the wind swooshing against the trees and a fire crackling.
It’s a place where animals and humans get to eat and drink in peace therefore I think everyone should have a house to live in and get the experience of what its like.
Other people may say that a house is only somewhere that you spend a bit of your day but really you spend lots of your life indoors especially now with corona.
A home is more than wood and stone or metal. A home is where you live. A home is not only a home to you but to your family or your pets or it could also be shelter for other animals.