Grade 5

Elkford BC
British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

Home means spending time with my family and friends laughing together playing games together. Making memories together. I have so many memories, and I love making more.

Somewhere to go to. A place to play with my dog. Somewhere to have fun, running up and down the halls chasing my brother and sister. A place to sleep and have nice dreams. My home is a place where worries don’t exist. A place where I can just relax.

Somewhere to celebrate and have a good time. A place to stay healthy. Some where to keep valuable things. Home is where the heart is. Home is with family and friends. Home is where you can stay healthy and safe.

My home is a huge part of me, I love my home. My home is so cozy and warm. My home is so special to me. My home is so beautiful. When I write this, I hope that I can help family’s that are in need. When I walk into my home, I feel loved and safe, and I hope that other family’s feel loved and safe as well.