Grade 5

Elkford BC
British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

A place to be your self, a place to laugh to sing to cry, be with your family and friends.
My mom is a big help around the house, she is so grateful of my family, I mean sometimes we fight but where all in this together or where one big family that’s what I think when I here what does a home mean to you.
Well, a home a family not an iPad that I might win it’s the thought that people poot in to there writing and the worst type of home a poverty home well its not an easy thing you have to fight for a home our walls with a loving caring family and that’s what I think that everyone who that is or has bine poverty disserves a house not a home some where to be cared about your self.
Well, my home is tiny so when one of us is angry there is a someone a room over someone to help me.
I love my home a mother to hold me tight when I’m sad when I’m mad, they will give me space.
It means having fun with family watching movies and playing bord games and eat dinner together not a lot of people can spend time with there mom and dad together because they divorced or have sadly passed away, I am grateful that I have meals every night and I have a bed with a blanket on it.
I have a dog her name is got sleep, she snuggles right up to me she keeps my warm when I’m cold
And this is what a home mean to me.