Grade 6

Elkford BC
British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

What home means to me
By Alex Stone

Home is worm and Cold. It is nice and Comfortable. laying in my bed and that’s Is how it is said. There are so many men on the rood with no place to go.

If you are mean to a man on the rood Imagine that was you. if it was You probably feel like poo. But Who are you? Are you me or you? No matter what you are you are yourself. If you are nice roll some dice. If you are sad turn that frown upside down. You see a man on the rood he has no home laying on some foam show him this Poem I hope he will be happy. Home is food and joy. Or jest drop like a crop or do a belly flop. Well, if you are homeless jest be nice and I will be nice back and I well let you stay at my place for a day. Don’t be sad or mad jest be happy =].