Grade 5

Red Deer

What home means to me.

The meaning of home is love,
And kindness.

It’s not the actual house that matters
it is the people in it.
Some people who live in small houses don’t care about the size
they care about the people in it .
Other people with larger houses don’t really think of it like that.
People who are not married and dont have kids
care about their pets like family.
They love their pets
with all their hearts!

Home is not just the house itself,
home is the memories.
Of joy, love and compassion.
Home is the people around you
loving you
and comforting you.
Reminding you that you are loved and blessed.
Home is like a safe haven and a comfort zone.
A place to live with your family and pets and enjoy with friends.
A place to build memories in.
A place where you can truly just be yourself.
Home is also a place where you can say what is on your mind.