Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

Home is not only a roof with walls but where you can feel safe. Home to me is a special place where you can go back to and feel special and loved. The people who are there that make you feel loved might not be your parents or siblings, but who you feel safe with when in their arms. This might be a grandparent, guardian, or friend. It sometimes might not even be about the people, but instead an environment to express yourself and not be judged. Home is a place to make memories, a place of joy and comfort. It provides us with a centering, where we leave and come back to each day. It shall always be there to welcome you back. No matter where your home is in a city, town, or even country. No matter what race, religion, beliefs you have, or where you come from everyone has a home even if it is just in someone’s heart. We never truly realize how grateful we should be to have a place to call our own, a home to live in like my own. Thank you Habitat For Humanity for always making someone’s day a little brighter for giving them money towards a home so they have a place to call their own.