Grade 6

Victoria, BC
British Columbia

What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me
There are a lot of meanings of why home is important to you. But it is important to me because it’s a safe place for me to live, I can be with my family it’s where i can be myself without being judged it’s where i stay dry when it rains it’s where I can do my homework, play games with my family, were me and my brothers can play it’s where i can be sheltered where i can have fun where i can have fun with my friends (but not right now because of Covid-19), when i moved to my house about 7 years ago.I really didn’t want to move because where I lived before was my home but now I think my new house is my home. So you can have more than one home; it doesn’t just have to be the one you live in right now. Also to me a house is like a pizza, the crust is like the foundation because without the crust the pizza wouldn’t be a pizza and there would be others holding everything else in place, the cheese is like the wall because without the cheese there wouldn’t be a house and it wouldn’t be there to support the toppings it’s what walls do with the roof and all the toppings are the memories you have there. But home isn’t just a house it can be anything from a tent to Earth. But I would say the most important thing about home to me is that it is just in general a place to live. That is why home is important to me.

There are 278 word not three hundred just saying.