Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

What home means to me it is a safe and comfortable place to me. When I go to a hotel, I don’t feel safe because I am not at home. When I’m at home I feel relaxed I feel safe going to bed because I feel safe sleeping in my own room. When I’m home alone at a different house I don’t feel safe because I’m not comfortable, but when I’m home alone at my house I feel safe because I been at my house for a long time. My house is nice and cozy I like sitting on my couch and watching my tv. When there is a bad storm my home makes me feel safe. In the winter time my home is very warm in the summer Time my home is very cool. My home has fresh water.
Whenever I go to my cousin’s house for a sleep-over, I can’t go to sleep because I’m not comfortable because I never sleep there, but I can fall fast asleep at my house.
I feel like my home is the safest place I’ve ever been. I have a 1 more house at my dad’s and I think that it is safe to sleep in and be by myself and I can sleep very well, and it is very comfortable. In the winter it is nice and hot in the summer it is very cool.
At my mom’s house I have a pool, 2 big garages and 1 garage at my dad’s. And I really love both of my homes they are very safe and cozy. And I think that I’m really safe at both of my houses.
When I had to move to a different house It got really uncomfortable because I did not sleep in my house because I was scared because I never slept in my new house it was a long time ago. And my dad’s house was new to at the same time and I did not go to bed their and was scared to. Before my dad moved I to his house when I came up to my dad’s house we slept in my grandma’s house and I wasn’t scared because I slept at her house a lot and still, I like sleeping there.
Max Musclow.