Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

My home is very special, it always makes me smile and I am
lucky I have a home just like mine. If I did not have a home I would not know where to go to bed but I have a home that protects me from the cold. I also have a nice soft room that when I put the blankets over my body I feel all the hot air touch my little wiggly feet. So I am glad I have a home and you deserve one too. I also have a kitchen that when I am hungry, happiness comes through me like little beautiful butterflies coming into my stomach. I am also so happy to have a backyard that my house came with. I can jump around and play with my dad, and see the hot shining sun come to the ground. I am also so happy to have nice clothes where I can hang up in my home and in the morning when I put my clothes on I see the smile on my face. I am so glad to have my home. I deserve it and it deserves me. We are supposed to be together. I would not change a thing about my home cause I love my home.