Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What Home Means To Me

There are around 235,000 Canadians that do not have a home and the way I think of home is where people deserve to live in comfort and have food on the table. Everybody deserves a home, Some people, especially First Nations do not have a home, who are suffering from either poverty being treated poorly freezing outside or are in a homeless shelter. Home means comfort in a place to spend time with family and where I can eat homemade food.
The way I think of home is where loved ones are like my mom and dad or like my dog Clover. Many people don’t have loved ones or pets that are like family Some people do but maybe their loved one is really sick. My family takes care of me and some others have a family but think of their kids as a bad thing. My family also supports me. Some families call their kids down saying that they’re terrible.
Another thing that I think about home is that I feel comfortable when I am relaxing on my couch watching TV or playing video games, Others don’t have comfort because either they’re looking for a job or working extra hours so they can pay bills. If somebody had any kids and had nobody but themselves to take care of them, The kids might freeze or live in poverty. Most of the time people who don’t have a home do not find a warm place to sleep or have food so they go to homeless shelters which is like staying at home that they never had with a bunch of strangers.
The very last thing I love about home is the food. People who don’t have homes often have to search for food from trash cans or raid soup kitchens or they have to steal food from others. Some of these people eat even raw food such as eggs, meat and chicken and they have a very high chance of getting salmonella poisoning. Some people break in and steal food in other people’s houses. Some homeless people don’t even get special suppers such as Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner or even get any food!
Home is also a place where I can be safe to stay out of the cold and eat well-cooked food. Let’s hope 235,000 Canadians find a home that people can live in.