Grade 4

Happy Valley Goose Bay
Newfoundland and Labrador

What home means to me

Home is a place to be warm.
Home is a place to stay safe in a storm.
Home is the plave where I eat.
Home is the place where I sleep.

My home is filled with my brothers toy’s.
It’s also filled with lot’s of Joy’s.
My older brother is out and about on this cold winters night while my mom is
kissing me goodnight.

When I come home from school I’ll go and swim in my pool. I’ll have a snack and maybe a nap. I go to dance and learn some france dance. When I come home I’ll play on my phone and then I’ll go to bed I said.

MY home means no matter if it’s big or sammll, short or tall at least I have a place to be. Me and my family will always be safe and sound not sleepin go on the ground.

Today there are many poeple with out a home I hope they get a home from my proem.