Grade 6

Indian Head

What home means to me

What home means to me
My home I my favourite place to be,
It’s where I hang out with my family.
Its kind of cool, kind of crazy, kind of fun,
To escape life’s problems, its where I run.

Even the smell of my home makes me feel good,
I would stay here forever if I could.
I feel loved and safe in this place,
After all its my home base!

It is the place where I can let all of my emotions out,
Laugh, cry, scream and shout!
Home is where all the memories are made,
without a home you might feel afraid.

Everybody deserves a warm place to stay,
We can make this happen today…
I know for some people a good home is not real,
I want them to experience the love that I feel.

So, would you consider helping a family in need?
Let’s give them a home, to plant their own seed!