Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

Home is like a dream it is the best place to be it is so safe and fun to be.
I’m thankful for what i get like my bed and socks and shoes and any other clothes I can I think of but the most important Lee i love my family bed seafood and am really thankful for my family and I really hope my family loved me because I’m most importantly love everything that they do for me and I love that I have brother’s to loved me and play with me I love to sled Anamosa I mustn’t I liked all of the food that I can get for my parents it’s so good that they make I love my mom’s whole made spaghetti I love my homemade Dad’s Mac and Cheese it’s the best and my dad stepdad is there to help me too I’m thankful to see hymn I love the school that I go to any really is the best place to be in my house is the best place to be in cuz I can watch you to play with my friend to come over and I loved the house that I have a lot of thankful for the clothes that I wear thankful for my food my house my bed fan.