Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

Home means everything to me. From accidents like breaking my mom’s bird feeder on accident to putting marks in my mom’s garage with hockey pucks hitting the crossbar and hitting the roof of the ceiling.And feeling safe when I’m home alone. And most of the things I enjoy like gaming with my friends shooting pucks in the backyard playing mini sticks with my dad and brothers. Home is where I can tape my hockey stick and watch tv with my family. Home is where I can spend time with my family and be clean and where I can be comfortable and I’m fary grateful to have a house and feel bad for people that are homeless. And have clothes and water and groceries and to be healthy and have home cooked meals and feel safe when I go to sleep in a warm and cosy bed. I like to play with my brothers a lot. We like to shoot in the backyard and go on my trampoline as well. My family likes to go into the field we can golf but I have to use my irons and not my driver or hybrid. We also can play road hockey but we have to be careful of the cars but that’s ok . Every night we try to go for a walk or run every night if we don’t have hockey practice. Home is where I can listen to music. That’s what home means to me.