Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

Home doesn’t mean the house that you live in, it means the people who you live with. I have lived in about 13 houses because my Dad moves a lot, but what makes them home are my brothers and my Dad being there with me!

A house is just the building, but a home is where your family is. There is no sense of belongings in a house, but in your home you have all your belongings and your food!!

In my old home me and my brother’s would play wall ball in the basement and that was one of the best memories I had in that home, but in all of my homes I’ve always fought with my brothers (I would always win though). We always have movie nights.

In my house we have our inside jokes. At my Mom’s house my brothers and I would have sleepovers either in Drayke’s room (that’s one of my brothers, I have three) or my Mom’s room.

Most people have one home but I have two, one with my Mom and another with my Dad. A lot of people ask which house I like better and I say I don’t have a favorite home. I love them both because I have memories in all the homes I’ve had.