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chatham kent

What home means to me

To me, home means shelter and or city that you live in that shelters you from certain weather conditions. I have a story about a thunderstorm/tornado warning that I want to talk about. On a sunny summer day I was playing on our ps4 and when it turned 5:00 got a lot darker fast and I was immediately terrified but my brother had a soccer game that day so I had to go to because I couldn’t be home alone and when we got out to the car my mom said “the tornado watch is over” and I was shocked for no apparent reason because the watch was over. But since there was still a thunderstorm I knew his game was cancelled and wanted to go back inside. Well we didn’t go back, instead we went to the other side of town during a thunderstorm pouring rain. We waited there for at least 10:00 until my brothers friend called and said the game was cancelled Eventually we got back home and I was mad but also happy about that happening and it probably won’t happen again, hopefully.