Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

I moved into my house two years ago, and I love it. Home means everything to me, it’s where I have fun ,It’s where my cat Oreo is, it’s where I live and it’s where my family lives.

Home is a safe place to go, it’s the place I always want to go.
Home is where I saved a baby weasel from my cat, I put it in a recovery cage where I could help it. When I had to go to school I was so worried. At home Dad was taking care of him. Soon enough Dad released him. He took some videos and pictures for me to look at when I got home. I told him his name was Wessy!!! Home is where my bed is, where I sleep every night, where my comfortable bed is.

Home is where deer have pumpkins to eat [ which we are not too happy about.] Home is where my best friend Elsa and I do horse jumps almost every single day. Home is where we have our chickens. We do the chicken chores every day.

Home is where everyone belongs, no matter what you look like, how you think or who you are. Home is a place everyone needs and everyone should have it. Home is a place where my best friend Elsa and I did the nickle arcad [ It is supposed to be spelled wrong.] We set up some games and our family plays them and we earn money from games!!

I could be at Disneyland Resort and still want to be at home. Home is where a little kitten showed up, I named him Cosmo, he is amazing.

Home is everything, Home holds all memories. For me there is no place like home.