Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

Home means warm family dinners, it means terribly annoying siblings, it means a warm place that I feel safe. It also means friends who always have my back, it means my adorable dog Ginger who always knows how to make me smile, but most of all it means family. Family who are always there for me, family who are always there to kick my butt if I do something bad, family in my opinion is what makes a house a home.

One of my favorite memories at home is when my best friend Sophia was over and we were supposed to be sleeping but instead we were jumping on my bed. When Sophia was on the bed jumping she tried to do a bum-drop on my bed, but when she did it she fell sideways and her head hit the wall and left a dent that is still there today, even though we painted over it. She was ok and it filled me with joy as we both laughed so hard.

When I am at home I feel safe and secure. I feel like it is the one place I can be myself. It is were I can fight my brother over stupid things. It is where everyone has a place no matter who you are, what you look like or how you think. Home is where everyone belongs.

Sometimes when I am at school, on a trip or something like that I think of home. I think of my comfy bed or of the horse jumps I jump every day. I could be in the fanciest hotel room on the face of the earth and still want to go back to my home because after all there is no place like home.