Grade 5


What Home Means To Me!

What home means to me. Home means warm cooked Meals my siblings my bed my dog. The dent in my wall from my head my cats my family and my memories.My home is a special place for me to go and relax have friends over and have fun. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have no home to go to at night.Home is a place where I feel safe and that I can go to if I ever have trouble.Home is a place where I can play my sports. My warm bed comforts me at night when I’m scared and I can always have fun when I’m there At least one I’m home after the school day of hard work I can relax and go to bed in my warm bed My favourite memory of that house is when we first moved in and I like to play baseball in the backyard the neighbour would ask me to please not I’ll hit the ball into his yard but repeatedly by accident I hit the ball into his yard continuously by accident then the neighbour got really mad at me I wasn’t trying to make him mad but he was mad anyways I went to a baseball game the next day and I got the ball signed and I hit it into his backyard purposely and I taped a sticking out onto the ball saying keep it PS look on the back of the ball and when he looked his face lit up like a light bulb me and him have been friends since then and he put the ball in a glass jar on his oven and whenever I hit a different ball over I would tape another sticking up to it saying sorry but yet those ones didn’t have any signatures I got the ball signed for him by Justin Smoak from the Toronto Blue Jays. That baseball season I played baseball and he came to almost every single game that I’ve had and cheered me on whenever I made a catch or hit the ball and it was really nice to have someone to cheer for me I’ve been doing his lawn and blowing his leaves in the fall and shoveling when it’s winter he pays me a decent amount but I saved a lot I have close to three hundred and fifty dollars but I’m going to save it up for something for him something nice that he will like I know his favourite team is the Blue Jays so I might get him something from them I hope he likes it and the hockey puck i gave him. Even at 8:30 in the morning he would drive out and come watch me and I gave him a puck from my game he is so nice and i will do it back to him!