Grade 6

West Kelowna
British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

Home can mean a lot of different things like having traditions or eating homemade food. It can mean having a roof over your head but today I am going to talk about what my home means to me. My home is very important to me because I can be warm and have a bed that I can sleep in, but most of all it has my family which includes my two brothers and my parents who never fail to make me smile. When I am down, they turn me around and cheer me up when I need help. They are always there for me.
For years, my family has done many traditions for Christmas or Halloween. Whatever the holiday, my family makes it better and better. A lot of people can’t buy a house or much food, therefore we all are super lucky to have a house and food or one or the other. Over the years the world’s population and the homeless numbers have increased by a lot and the price of the houses or even rent has increased majorly. Around 10 percent of the world population is homeless and one way to change that is to donate to homeless shelters or Habitat for Humanity.