Grade 5


What home means to me.

Me and my home are connected. My home protects me, in every way. My home is always by my side.

We are connected by the same things that we have seen, by the things that we have been threw,and by the things that we have heard,and done.

We now call home the door that leads inside, to the rooms or the kitchen or the living room.
But we can’t realize the thing inside us, is the real home, home is not where you sleep, or eat, home is only where your heart is, and where your love.

Sometimes we can call home where there are loving parents and children running up and down the stairs and running across the hall ways to get their very loved pet in their cage.
If you have your family with you, it doesn’t matter what house you live in, you can live in the worst house in the world but if you have your family the right family that is the real home.

And even if you muove homes a part of you will always stay there so you have a home to remember you lived in. Never forget where you have lived, and never forget where you are now. Home is only where your heart lies.