Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

What my home means to me and my brothers playing hockey every day after school
And at least try not to hurt my little brother. We always get into fights. I love watching hockey when it is on. I will remember when I was frustrated at my brothers and I punched the wall and dented it and we once got in a big fist fight. We would go and go and go until someone was hurt but we stopped when it got bad . the next day I shot my brother with a Nerf gun I got grounded for two weeks it was boring for those days I would normally just sleep but I did not care .the next day I was ungrounded that day and played with my brothers on nhl 19 and we played threes circuit it was fun we completed the whole thing. Then we played street hockey outside. My older brother was goalie. I destroyed my little brother 10 to 1. He scored a lucky goal of a rebound then we went inside to get a drink. Then we went back outside on the trampoline and I landed my first full front flip. I was so happy and my younger brother just started to do a front flip. Then we went to the mall to go see my dad and we got groceries. Also a new hockey stick was a CCM Jetspeed pro 2 . I tried it out in a simulator and I could rip one my dad said to me and my older brother first one to hit crossbar wins 20$ I was last hoping he wont he was close but then I went and ripped one crossbar and i won the bet. Then we went home and watched stranger things all day and went to bed the next day i woke up to try my new stick out in the backyard i was ripping them bar down then we went inside to play rainbow six siege and i got a new character buck he was ok but not the best then i took a break and had lunch it was good so i woke up my brother to play nhl 19 we played shootout it was fun i destroyed him then we went to Calaway Park and i went on the roller coaster and on the plane ride then we went to the dollar store and got candy for the movie tonight we watched Jumanji welcome to the jungle it was good then we went to bed.