Grade 6

Middle Sackville
Nova Scotia

What Home Means To Me

Home is a place where I can have some place to relax and make me happy and warm.

For me home is not just a building that has fancy things everywhere and I think you guys know what i’m saying, you don’t need a fancy place just so it can be home.

Homes don’t need to be a house, it could just be an apartment, but people should not live in the following places, a homeless shelter, or on the road, just no people could live anywhere but those places.

For me home needs a few thing to make it good, first of all you need a bed, no bed means you would have to sleep on the floor, the next thing you need is a bathroom, no bathroom then you would have a big problem, third of all you will need a kitchen, you do need a place to make food, last but not least a bedroom, if you don’t have one of these where would you put your belongings? And your bed?

To make a home a home you may want some of these, A tv, A couch, a living room, a dining room, a few closets, and a set of chairs, not having some of these well would make your house look really empty.

Honestly a home is a safe fun place that you can enjoy yourself in and spend time not having to work all the time because a home is where you can sit back have some fun have time to relax and do anything you want to do, nothing is at a home that can stop you from chilling and having a good time okay, okay alright so what really is the meaning of home?

.Home is your place to have fun.