Grade 5


What Home Means To Me!

My home means alot to me because it is where my family is and it is where I am safe with my family. Whenever I get home from school I go to my favorite puppy, then sit on my bed and watch tv with my puppy then when I am done watching tv I always go set on my favorite couch. Then whenever it is bedtime I asked my mom if I can have a dog to sleep with me. I have 4 dogs. 2 had puppies then we have a puppy. She is 7 months old and we have one boy dog. Home is always where you relax , where I belong , all my stuff is at , love the food that my mom makes for me , my siblings and playing with my pets. My room means alot to me whenever my siblings go in. I don’t like my siblings in my room and I tell them to get out of my room and I tell mom. siblings and I always fight and we have favorite siblings. My favorite siblings are Alexa , Laners and Ford. My family and I always love to sleep in on the weekends and “home is where your heart is.” My family and I love to watch tv together and with my home cooked meals. “Home is where your heart is’ ‘ , home is where your family is at and “ there is no place like home” home is where you always use your kitchen to cook. Home is where you could have a favourite couch and if you have pets you would play catch with them and run outside with them. Home is where you have a home sweet home. When you move it won’t be your home because u dont know it. I will be in the same home for 12 years. That is why I am with it. Home is where you are safe with your family. I love my home so much my home means alot to me. I love to play with my family and my siblings. There is no place like your home. Home is where your stuff is and your warm bed. Home is where you relax and hang out with your family. I love to watch tv and movies with my family and my family means so much to me. That is how much I love my home and my family.