Grade 6

British Columbia

What home means to me

What Home Means to Me
Elizabeth Cawood
A home is normally mixed up with a house. Most of your family and/or friends have a safe house, but some people are not as lucky. Some people have a hut or a shack or even a box.
A home may not be pretty, nice or even safe but that’s still a home. Every day lots of people walk or drive past homeless people because they think they are bad because some of them do drugs. I’m not saying you should pick up homeless people and take them home but you can give them food, water or a blanket.
Not everyone is thankful for what they have but I am. I have a stable house and a family that loves me. Some people don’t understand what it is like to not have a house. Some people do understand but they don’t care.
Some people are not homeless but can’t buy food after paying rent. And some people can’t even pay rent in the first place.
When I get older I hope the world is a better place and people don’t need to worry about if they are going to feed their family or pay rent. I promise to try and help make the world a better place.