Grade 5

Red Deer

What Home Means to Me

What Home Means to Me

When I walk through the door to my home, people think it’s no big deal but to me it’s so much more. At home I feel happy, the world is so big and my home is always a place where I feel safe.

I’ve always felt insecure at my school because I don’t have very many friends, I always feel like people are constantly judging me. As soon as I step through the door to my house I feel better. When I am home I don’t have to worry about being judged, I can be whoever I want to be. Home is a place to bond with friends and family and a place to remember happy memories as well make new ones.

My home is a place where I can sleep on cold winter nights and a place where I can be loved. It is so sad to think that not everybody has a place they can call home, a place where they can feel safe.
At home I have a family who loves me, a nice soft bed and warm food. I am so lucky to have all this and helping others who do not have this is why this contest is so important, so we write these entries to help families who need it. Everybody deserves a safe place they can call home no matter what religion or race.