Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

Home is a place…
Where we can stay safe,
a place where our loved ones help us.

It’s a place where we are cared for, loved, and helped,
a place where we can feel happy.
Where we can act like ourselves and not try to act cool,
a place family loves us no matter what we do.

A place where we can feel joyfulness and happiness,
where we are safe and warm.
Where the outdoors are free to us,
a place where we learn.

Home is a place where we help each other,
we love each other.

Where the cold can’t get you,
a place where you are warm with love.
A place where you can hide from sadness, anger, and hate.
Where you can build, create, imagine, and explore.

It’s where you can live like yourself,
a place that you always come to.

That is what home means to me