Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

Home is where I feel warm even when there is a snowstorm. Home is where my pets play and where my grandparents come when they feel alone.
I love how my pets and I play so silly. My puppy and I always play fetch when I come home from school.

Home is where my family throws celebrations and my cousins come to sleepover. It’s when my mom cooks my favorite meals and I’m always happy with the desserts. Fridays mean baking with my mom for an hour.Oh how I love the smell of my house then! My family and I are so lucky to have a roof over us through sun,rain,wind and snow.Even when it is stormy outside I grab my blanky and watch my favorite movie. Not everyone is so lucky and has a place to call their own, and watch their favorite movie.They don’t have to worry about the silly things like where to put their toys and charge their phone. Their worries are much bigger because they don’t have a home. In the future I wish everyone a safe home they are grateful for.