Grade 4


What Home Means To Me

The Meaning of Home

This is what i think of Home.Home is a place that’s warm but others having to stay out in the freezing cold.Everybody should have a place to stay even if they don’t have enough money to pay.I don’t think it’s fair not to have a home or else you might frown.Having a home is the best thing to own.Everyday after school I go to my bed to snooze.
But others not laying on beds instead laying on floors when they have no place to stay.if we raise money people will have enough cash to pay to get a place to stay.When you have a home your not in the freezing cold and you got the best thing to own.I hope everybody gets a place to stay so they can have a place to spend their day.

Home is a place where you can have fun that’s never ends.Home is like magic you mostly never even have havoc.Home is so cozy it’s never mostly noisy.When i think of home I think of nice shelter that makes our lives better. When you have a place to stay you can play all day. HOME is a place I stay where I Love to play!