Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

What does home mean to me?
It’s a place to feel security.
It isn’t a thing or just a place
It’s a place to see a friendly face.
It’s a place for living, laughter and love
It’s a place where your fears you get rid of.
Surrounded by family and friends
A place where fun never ends.
A place where memories are made
And those memories never fade.
All those memories, you want to keep
All those memories help you fall asleep.
Not to mention the roof over my head
Or my super comfy bed.
A place to eat a very big meal
A place to throw out a banana peel.
A place to sleep when it’s night
A place to safely play Fortnite.
A place to remember memories
A place to watch boring documentaries.
A place where everyone there you know
A place where when you are sad, you can go.
A place to keep your friendly pets
A place where your birthday is a thing no one forgets.
If I didn’t have a home, I would be scared
For everything, I would be unprepared.
Everybody needs a home
A place to keep a garden gnome.
Home is a place for everyone
It’s not a place to not have fun.
A place to stay
And to pray
Your entire family is by your side
From their love, you cannot hide.
Nothing is as special as a home
Doesn’t matter if it’s a dome.
A home is where everyone belongs
A home is a place to sing songs.
Home is never a place to feel sad
Home is a place to always feel glad.
A home is where you grew up
A place for memories to turn up.