Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

Home is the place you feel the safeset all Feel like yourself. A home is warmth,
Loving, inviting in more than one way.Home can be anything your school
Or a town or a place. Your family is home!Home is family and family is everything you need.Family can be friends because you get so close thereLike your sisters and brothers.Home is a place where I know that everything will be alright andI don’t have to be scared of anything or anyone. But while everyone is happy in warmth eating homemade
Some people don’t have homes they can go toAfter school or work they may not even have a job or Go to school and it’s important that everyone is happy and warm!!
To me home means love and positivity. I can feel the happiness.When i imagen home I can smell the awesome food that mom And dad are making. I can see the happiness and love there is At home. When I get home I can see my dog wagging his Tail because I know he’s happy to see me. I see the love in my Parents eyes when I see them together. Home is the place that is like a Comenity of people that are close together. I love to help people in
A home. In a home when I wake up I can hear the birds singing and I can smell
Breakfast cooking and I see the natural sunlight in my room.I taste the pancakes when I am eating. I dance to the birds singing with My parents.