Grade 5

Conception Bay South
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means to Me

Home means everything, it’s cozy and warm. it keeps you healthy. you have food and water rather it is big or small. In my house I have stuff to keep me living. Other people need homes. They can’t afford a house. houses are expensive so you can help them you can change their lives by just donating to the food bank easily just like that. Take out some food out of your cupboard. What you can give to them for example cereal, can food, bars, anything except for foods that need to be in a fridge or freezer.

Home means to me kisses and hugs, a room to sleep in, a bed, everything. All you need to do is just donate come on go donate. You can play in a home. You can play games with your family and friends. Every day I come home from school there is supper ready and there are some people in the world that don’t have any of that. Everybody needs a home. Kids out there are hoping and hoping for some food and a home.

Please donate