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What Home Means to Me

What Home Means To Me

‘Nothing is better than going home to a family and eating good food and relaxing.’ – Irina Shayk

Home is a place where you can feel safe and comfortable. It is also a place where you will always be accepted, no matter your gender, culture, sexuality or looks. If you aren’t accepted, comfortable or don’t feel safe in a certain place, chances are that isn’t your home.

Home is not always your house. It could be your friend’s house or a family store or anywhere really. As long as you love that place and consider it your home, it is your home.

Home usually also has privacy unless you have a sibling like my siblings or parents like my parents. People should respect your privacy and leave you to do whatever you’re doing.

Those who don’t have a true home are probably not truly happy either. I know a few people who don’t have a home and they usually aren’t happy. That’s why I’m really writing about the meaning of home. To help give more people homes. Not houses. Just a place they truly feel safe. So, that’s what home means to me. Thank you for reading this. You just brought some people one step closer to having a home.