Grade 4


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means to Me
A poem by Aria

Home means to me…safety.
A place to call home,
A place where there’s no monsters,
A place where you have someone wrap their arms around you into a soft hug.
You don’t need helicopter circling your house,
You just need a hug from someone you love.

Home means to me…love.
A cozy warmth you feel when you walk in,
A place where you can settle down and read your favourite book,
A place where you are loved,
A place you’d call home.

Home means to me…laughter.
A place where you get together and have a laugh at something,
Whether it be a mistake or a funny video of your first time on skates!

Home means to me…craziness.
A place full of running people,
Trying to get to sports and meetings,
Or sometimes it could be a party!
But remember it’ll always mean home.

Home means to me…memories.
A place to remember,
Old albums filled with photos,
Prom photos, graduation photos, school photos ,
All filled with love and memories

Home means to me..everything!
The love, the laughter, the safety, the craziness, the memories
All of them I love!