Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

This is what home means to me. Home is where the people I love are, if they’re not there, it’s not home. Home should be full of life and happiness, I should be able to go home and express my feelings because it’s safe and nobody will judge me.

My home needs the teddy bear I’ve had since I was just a few days old. My home has music; music that describes how I’m feeling without me saying anything. It needs books, so when I need or want to, I can escape the real world, and wherever that book takes me; that is home. I need food, beverages and sleep because they’re the necessities of life.

home is where I can be safe from mental and physical storms. I know I can be myself at home, because at home, everyone is different and accepts you for who you are. My favourite thing about home-is that I know everybody will support me. If I didn’t have any of these things, it wouldn’t be home.